Other services

In addition to recording we offer several related services.

  • Mixing-only: we can mix pieces you have recorded elsewhere. With our treated control room, our outstanding monitor speakers and our software and hardware processing, we can get good results in most scenarios. We charge this by the hour at £35 per hour.
  • Session musicians: if you need professional musicians to help your project we can suggest local talent. They generally charge by the hour, with a typical fee between £30-£50 per hour.



We hold workshops from time to time on the following topics:

  • Recording
  • Music production
  • Songwriting

Workshops are typically attended by 6-10 people and last either one day or two days according to topic and attendees' degree of interest. The fee is £80 per person per day.

If you're interested in attending a workshop please contact us to express your interest, or fill in the form by clicking the button below. If you represent a group who would like to make up the attendees of a workshop we would be happy to hold a special workshop for you.