Recording: you give your best...

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The Mother Lode provides the creative space for a great performance.

And we have the skills and the tools to turn your efforts into a great recording. 

We welcome warmly those new to recording. We have a comfortable space and an environment that will make you want to play well.

We're also delighted to receive seasoned recording artists. We believe we stand comparison for quality and service with other fine studios. From the rooms through the instruments to the microphones, preamps and console; and from outboard gear to speakers for mixing: every link in the chain is strong.


...we do the rest

The studio is designed around the "no weak link" principle: we have thought hard about every step on the way from a performance to a finished recording:

  • Rooms
  • Instruments
  • Microphones and preamps
  • Console
  • Outboard processing (and plugins)
  • Speakers

A weak point in this chain can undermine the whole thing. 

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