How it works

What to expect

Firstly you're welcome to visit the studio - please contact us to arrange a time to do so.

Secondly we're always happy to talk about how we operate and how we can help you. Just please bear in mind that it sometimes takes a little while to respond, though we will always respond to emails within 24 hours.

There is no musical style we shun, and the only limitation we place on ourselves is physical.  We can't record a full symphony orchestra.  But we can record large bands, chamber music outfits, choirs, etc.

We offer three core recording packages:

  1. Studio only (without accommodation)
  2. Week-long package (with accommodation): 7 days in the studio and 7 nights' stay in the house. You would check-in on the Friday evening and start recording on the Saturday morning.
  3. Weekend package (with accommodation): 3 days in the studio and 2 nights' stay in the house. You record Friday-Sunday inclusive.

If you are looking for something else please contact us and we will try to work something out. 

Our accommodation sleeps up to eight people, and provides excellent and relaxing down-time facilities - recording can be draining!  For larger groups, there is a good deal of accommodation available locally within walking distance.

In determining how much time to book for your project please bear in mind that recording a piece of music is a two-stage process: tracking (actually recording the sounds) and mixing. As a VERY rough rule of thumb mixing takes about as much time again as the tracking process.

Before booking recording sessions it's important for both you and us that we understand what you will be looking to achieve, and how to achieve it. This requires some communication - phone or email, or indeed face to face if you choose to come to visit us. Once we've done that and have an agreement about when and how much time you will book for, we ask you to fill in our online booking form which takes just a few minutes, and can be found here.