The Mother Lode team

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Matty Moon

Matty is a freelance studio engineer with a loyal following across many bands as the go-to guy for their recording efforts.

After graduating with a BSc (hons) in Audio & Music Technology from Anglia Ruskin University, he began to work freelance as recording engineer in 2005.  He now has over 12 years of recording experience under his belt and continues to travel to wherever the music takes him. 

Matty enjoys turning his hand to any genre and is comfortable recording and mixing any style of music.  His passion for big, natural drum sounds and a love of trying to capture that excitement of a live sound comes through in his productions.

His role in each project is tailored to the artist's needs – from a recording/mix engineer, faithfully capturing a band at their best, to full scale production and song development.  Matty is particularly passionate about helping to develop the sound of a band who are just beginning to be noticed, and helping them to get the most from their music.

From working with bands signed to major labels to younger acts that are just starting out, Matty loves listening to a band’s raw sound and finding ways that this could be enhanced or improved, to help them achieve the kind of sound that best showcases their music.

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Simon Pollack: Owner

Simon set up the studio, building upon experience he developed over a decade of project studio work. He is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and songwriter. Simon oversees the musical aspects of the business, and often performs the role of producer and recording engineer alongside our other specialist team.

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