Our gear: the tools of the trade

We summarise some highlights on this page. Click the button for a full equipment list.



All instruments are available for use by recording clients, including  our Steinway grand piano.

We also have a Yamaha U1 upright piano, an Arturia MiniBrute analogue synthesiser, a Hammond XB2 organ with Leslie cabinet, and a Roland RD700-SX keyboard.

Our range of acoustic guitars includes models from Martin, Lakewood and Simon & Patrick. And our electric guitars including Fender (Telecaster and Stratocaster), Musicman and a vintage Les Paul. We also have several bass guitars and other stringed instruments.

Our backline includes valve and solid state Marshall heads, an Orange valve head, Trace Elliott and Genz Benz bass amps, and Fender Pro Reverb and Peavey Classic 50 combo amps.

The house drum kit is a Pearl Export complemented by a selection of percussion instruments



The studio stocks a wide selection of mics, including a Neumann U87i, a stereo pair of AKG C414 XLII, and Royer SF-12 and R121 ribbon mics.

For flexibility we have a Rode NTK valve mic.

Our dynamic mics include Sennheiser SD421s, Shure SM57s, a pair of Shure Beta 58a vocal mics, an Electro Voice RE20 and a Shure SM7B.

We have several other condenser and dynamic mics for variety.




36 Audient console preamps, for neutral and clean standard pre-amplification.

In addition we have a Universal Audio 710 "twinfinity" valve/solid state blending preamp, and an AEA "The Ribbon Pre", a stereo preamp with a 83db of clean gain especially adapted for ribbon microphones.

Our Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest channel strip has a switchable valve/solid state preamp.



Audient 8024 36-channel analogue desk.

It's an in-line console with two faders per channel for flexible recording options to control levels while creating a good mix for musicians to record to.

There are very flexible routing options for mixing and for tracking. The desk also has a master buss compressor.


Outboard processing

A range of processing units, including JDK R22 compression and R24 EQ, and Universal Audio 2-1176 stereo compressor

The Summit Audio ECS-410 channel strip is a 4-stage unit from preamp to drive bus, including passive EQ, internally patchable for all routing options.

Further compressors include ART optical compression and a dvx 160a which is renowned for bass and individual drum compression.

Other processors include reverb units from Klark Teknik, Yamaha and Lexicon, and three Klark Teknik graphic equalisers.

For tape saturation emulation we have Looptrotter's Sa2Rate.


Analogue-digital conversion

A pair of Universal Audio Apollo 16s providing 32 channels of simultaneous conversion.


3GHz i7 Apple Mac mini new in 2015 with solid state hard drive and 16gb memory, running Logic Pro and Pro Tools, with a wide selection of plugins including Waves processors. Universal Audio DSP plugins hosted by the Apollos.


Genelec 8351: our primary speakers, specially situated and calibrated for our room.  Outstanding clarity and stereo imaging. 

Yamaha NS-10 for reference monitoring.